Top 7 Balcony & Terrace Decor Ideas for your NYC Apartment


Morning coffee, afternoon lunch break, or nighttime gathering--there’s decor for anything you use your balcony for. We’ve put together a list of the trendiest summer balcony decor and furniture, perfect for everything from entertaining to relaxing!

1. Bistro Set

Our Recommendation: Ikea, $50


Just because your balcony might be small, doesn’t mean it can’t be mighty! Bistro sets take up a limited amount of space, making them perfect for New York City balconies. Our real estate agent Marilyn De Amorim suggests Ikea’s $50 bistro set. “Ikea has some great deals, which is ideal in NYC where people move so often. When I used to have a balcony, I would go outside in the mornings and drink my coffee and read the paper,” she says.


2. Hanging Chairs

Our Recommendation: Pier One (sale prices)

Hanging chairs are both cute and comfortable, and a perfect thing to have when you want to relax. Our managing partner Karla Saladino suggests looking at Pier One for your next swinging chair. “They have great sales!” she says.

3. Outdoor Pillows

Our Recommendation: West Elm, $49

PC: West Elm Vancouver

PC: West Elm Vancouver

Bold pillows are a great way to decorate your outdoor space. Not only do they make seating more comfortable, they also make your balcony more bright!


4. String Lights

Our Recommendation: Crate & Barrel, $39.95


String lights are a fun and affordable way to brighten up your balcony at night. It gives your space a cozy yet charming feel, perfect for sunset book reads or nighttime dinner parties.


5. Deck Tiles

Our Recommendation: Ikea, $52.99 for 9 tiles

PC:  Shake

PC: Shake

A lot of New York City balconies have concrete floors, which is often overlooked since it is so typical. However, a great way to make your balcony feel more homey is to add interlocking deck tiles. It’s an affordable way to decorate, and replaces the typical outdoor rug that’s used on so many balconies already.


6. Wall Plants

Our Recommendation: West Elm, $20-30 each


Greenery is an obvious addition to any balcony/terrace, but hanging them on your wall is a creative way to save space and still get the same effect.


7. Uplight for Trees/Plants

Our Recommendation: PhantomSky Solar Spotlight, $25 each

Mirador managing partner  Karla Saladino ’s uplit trees on her balcony designed by  Logan Yost .

Mirador managing partner Karla Saladino’s uplit trees on her balcony designed by Logan Yost.

When night comes, you don’t want your balcony plants to blend in with the darkness. Logan Yost, interior decorator and stager, suggests using solar uplights to keep your greenery lit up after the sun goes down.