NYC Developments with Hidden Perks

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Most buildings in New York City loudly advertise the amenities they offer potential residents, all the better to win their attention. Whether its a garden, an exercise room, a pool, or rooftop access, it's usually there in the listing. A few buildings, however, offer perks they don't announce to the public, keeping them secret in order to bring their residents closer together. Brick Underground took a look at these hidden amenities, compiling a list by asking top brokers for the best ones they knew.

One featured broker was Mirador Real Estate's Racquel Popovic, who shared 15 Cliff Street's "Wine Down Wednesdays," a weekly event for residents to unwind by sipping wine and eating chocolate from a bar cart in the lobby. Other buildings listed by Mirador Real Estate were highlighted in the article, including 60 West 23rd Street, which offers "roof deck barbecues and Sunday brunches." Find all the hidden amenities here