Mirador’s Christine McAndrews featured in this week’s Observer

That seems to be the current trend seen in today’s market, as many real estate professionals are finding that a client’s desire “to light, or not to light,” is just as prevalent a prerequisite as “pets, or no pets,” when it comes to finding that perfect place to Netflix and chill.

We all know the hazards that smoking can have on your health, but who knew the havoc it could wreck on signing or leaving a lease?

Christine McAndrews, Mirador’s top-notch salesperson, is starting to know it all too well, having seen firsthand the impact that the stench of smoke aired in apartments can pose on potential deals.

Christine delves deeper into this issue, facing brokers and buyers alike, in her latest interview with The Observer.

Bottom line – home is where the heart is, and while some find solace in the soothing scents of candles, others simply fancy the fumes of cigar and cigarette smoke.  Whatever diffuser and decor defines your space of sanctuary; McAndrews and Mirador cater to each client’s unique preference, from ashtray friendly to aqua de soi candles only.

Read the Observer’s full story featuring Christine here and see what she and Mirador have done to accommodate the well-being trend that has now trickled its way into real estate.