Mirador’s Managing Partner Karla Saladino featured in Observer

Life is about to get a bit more difficult for commuting Brooklynites and Brooklyn-based brokers alike, if the MTA goes full steam ahead with its potential plans to interrupt the heavily populated L line subway service within the next several years.

Since news of this disconcerting disturbance slipped, many affected L line commuters are left feeling disgruntled, as it not only disrupts their current mode of transportation into Manhattan, but it could displace them out of their neighborhoods, as the attraction of being conveniently located near the L line stations would no longer be an appealing factor.

Just the potential of a temporary shut down already has affected areas taking action. People are putting properties on the market, that otherwise might not have been put up for a few years, and renters attention has begun to shift from Williamsburg and Bushwick to different neighborhoods and areas, more conveniently located to the JMZ lines.

This is something Our Managing Partner, Karla Saladino knows all to well, sharing her thoughts on this shift with the Observer. In the article, Karla elaborates on the momentum and boost that other areas, such as Astoria, have been seeing – in just this past month alone!

Read more about what Karla had to say on the issue here and see how you might be affected if the MTA’s plans come into fruition.