Mirador’s Exclusive Listings, Pan Am Equities Tower 67 and The Caroline, featured in this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of NYC!


In Her Search for a Home Away From Home, RHNYC Cast Member Countess Luann de Lesseps Turns to Pan Am Equities’ Luxury Residences.  

The bevvy of well-to-do beauty’s featured on BRAVO’s hit reality franchise the Real Housewives are known for living large.   So of course when they come home to kick up their couture heels, only the most opulent abodes would do.  After all, it’s not easy engaging in all that drama fueled fun each week.  It’s the type of outlandish glitz and glam that keeps viewers glued to their television as the reality series gives them a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous. 

The Real Housewives of NYC sip lush living from a crystal glass.  After all, Manhattan is home to some of the wealthiest women in the world.  Lucky for us, BRAVO gives us a peek into the lifestyles of some of the most prosperous and business-savvy women that the city has to offer, as they take a  peek into what the city has to offer them. 

So it’s no wonder  when cast member Countess Luann de Lesseps was searching for a pied-a-terre to complement her home in the Hamptons , only the finest would do.  She embarked on a search for a doorman luxury building with beautiful views, open space, abundant light, and a full spread of amenities – and Pan Am Equities Tower 67 and The Caroline fit the bill.   Known for listing premium Manhattan properties, Mirador Real Estate’s exclusive listings have become a go-to for many clients seeking spacious apartments with scenic views, without compromising quality or location.

First stop was Tower 67, where Luann was dazzled by the breathtaking views and the ample sunshine streaming into the 3-bed/3-bath high-rise apartment. She felt as if she had the city at her fingertips.

The main room could serve as the perfect dining area, where she could hold court and entertain guests.  Luann also marveled over the built in closet, fit for a Countess of course, where she could house her fabulous signature ensembles.  

With a prime location in the Flatiron district just steps away from Madison Square Park, the next stop was Mirador’s exclusive building downtown –Pan Am Equities “The Caroline” located at 60 W 23rd St New York, NY. 

While touring the Caroline, Luann and cast-mate Sonja Morgan were blown away by the posh penthouse they walked through, especially the one-of-a-kind gadgets displayed throughout and state-of the art bathroom amenities.

To view the full episode, featuring Tower 67 and The Caroline, view the full episode here.  To view availabilities, contact their exclusive agent, Mirador Real Estate.