Mirador’s Associate Broker Jeffrey Hannon Featured in this week’s DNAinfo!

Fire Escapes –Alluring Amenity or Something to be Absolutely Avoided

There’s a quietly quaint charisma surrounding the steel gratings of fire escapes stacked alongside many NYC buildings; becoming somewhat of an iconic feature. Even Hollywood has taken note, showcasing these rusty rails center stage in one of the most revered rom-coms of all time – Pretty Woman. I mean who can forget that final scene where Richard Gere rescues Julia Roberts from the fire escape, bouquet and all!

While we might not be Julia Roberts, we can appreciate the magic attached to that scene, and the attraction of buying or renting a unit featuring our very own fire escape. Not only does it grant extra outdoor space (a hot commodity in Manhattan), it also provides the safety of a quick and easy exit from an apartment in case of a fire. 

Whatever the aesthetic charm or outside appeal may be, the truth of the matter is some city fire escapes are dilapidated, leading to fatal disasters. This frightening fact has now got many New Yorkers wondering – are fire escapes a feature or foe?

Mirador’s Associate Broker, Jeffrey Hannon sat down with DNAinfo to share his thoughts on this very issue. He shares with the publication that “whether people see fire escapes as an amenity or a security risk depends a lot on the neighborhood they’re renting in.”

Jeffrey delves deeper into the pros and cons regarding having a fire escape outside your own home, covering everything from security issues vs. the enviable “Manhattan patio” space some New Yorkers feel it provides. Here’s everything you need to know before deciding if a fire escape is a feature for you and your family.