Mirador’s Dr. Lynn Saladino Discusses Serial Mover in the Observer

New York City is a place of movers. People move to it, they move away from it, but what about the people that move all around it? The serial mover, or people that move over and over again all within the span of a few years, is a common characteristic among many New Yorkers. With rising rents, new relationships, broken relationships, expanding families, and more it is no wonder tons of people feel the need to find new homes in and around the City.

The Observer dives deeper into motives behind the serial mover, talking with Mirador Real Estate’s Health and Wellness consultant, Dr. Lynn Saladino. “New apartments often represent a fresh start,” says, Dr. Saladino. “If there is something uncomfortable happening in someone’s life, they likely think a geographic move will help them forget about what was bothering them.” To learn more about serial movers, read the full article here.