Mirador’s Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Appraiser Eydie Saleh featured in this week’s Brick Underground

NYC Neighborhoods Buyers Can Invest In for a Nice Nest Egg

There are two things that you can count on when it comes to NYC real estate: the market acting awry and the cost of living continuously climbing (almost as high as those new luxury residential skyscrapers shooting up all across the city).

But fear not, first-time buyers! There is still much money to be made in Manhattan, especially when it comes to investing in real estate. The key to the money making castle, is recognizing when to pounce on a deal and when to opt out.   Knowing which neighborhoods to buy into is critical when the end goal is to generate more bang for your buck.

As an expert appraiser for the past eleven years, Mirador’s Eydie Saleh knows a thing or two about profitable property purchasing. Eydie shares her wisdom with Brick Underground, weighing in on which neighborhoods first-time buyers should steer towards, when it comes to making that initial investment.

According to Eydie, “Northern Manhattan is by far one of the best investments for first-time buyers. Columbia University is well into construction of their new Medical and Graduate Education building on Haven Avenue between 171th and 172nd Streets. It’s one of the most exciting monumental new developments happening in NYC.”

Read the full article featuring Eydie in Brick Underground here, and learn more about what neighborhoods are a must and which ones are a bust, when it comes to investing your hard earned cash.