Mirador’s Resident In-House Interior Designer Logan Yost Featured in DNAinfo

Logan Shares Expert Tips and Tricks for Getting Your Apartment in Tip Top Shape for Selling

Springtime has officially sprung.  Flowers are in bloom, harsh blizzards are behind us, and landlords and leaseholders are beaming as the rental season is officially booming.

The change of seasons signals a new start for many, providing the perfect opportunity to organize. And what better way to get so fresh and so clean, than by starting off spring by decluttering and deodorizing your space; especially if you are looking to sell!

Expert stagers and brokers take advantage of this busy season by buckling down and making apartments more appealing to potential buyers or renters, getting rid of all the funk and junk that accumulated over the course of the seller’s stay.  There is nothing more off-putting and nauseating than walking into an apartment and being engulfed in offensive odors, filth, slime, and grime.

Mirador’s in-house interior designer Logan Yost has great advice for avoiding these abominable stenches when showing your property.  When speaking with DNAinfo, he advised “if you’re hoping to get rid of smells, make sure you clean fabrics like drapes, throw pillows and zippered upholstery according to their cleaning instructions.”

Yost also reveals another secret touch to making a seller’s home more aesthetically pleasing to renter’s and buyers alike; fresh flowers and scented candles.  Nest candles are much more nose-friendly than the stench of stale pet urine and remnants of last night’s fish dinner lingering in the air. Bottom line: save the salmon for someplace other than your home while it’s on the market!

To hear more tricks of the trade from Logan, read the full article from DNAinfo here.  Even if you’re not selling, Logan’s tips can help your home smell enticing and inviting – and who doesn’t want that!