Mirador’s Wellness Expert Dr. Lynn Saladino Featured in Brick Underground


We can all relate to the Carrie Bradshaw’s of NYC – you know, using your stove to store your Stuart Weitzman’s and spare sweaters– I mean, totally normal, right? It’s all about that extra closet space – and sometimes you just got to get creative, as the luxury of walk in closets or even better, glam rooms are far and few between. And there’s always seamless.

But, there’s a big difference between storing stuff in an otherwise underutilized space and just plain, hoarding. Hoarding is a topic that continues to captivate the attention – and for those unlucky few who dwell in the vicinity of a hoarder, the stench – of many New Yorker’s.

Mirador’s in house wellness expert, Dr. Lynn Saladino weighs in on the lure of hoarding in a recent Brick Underground article. “There is definitely a huge fascination with it.   It’s such a visual representation that something is going on with a person.”

Remember the media frenzy that flocked around infamous hoarders Homer and Langley Collyer nearly 7 decades ago? Amazingly enough, there are still so many hoarders habituating in this city today and the interest in them, is just has high as it was all those years ago. Crazy to think that hoarders would choose Manhattan, of all places, to collect their clutter, considering the standard size of most NYC apartments – but they tend to live in larger, rent-stabilized units, for this reason.

Dr. Saladino delves deeper into the hoarding issue, giving insightful information about the patterns and misconceived perceptions people might have on hoarders. Read the full article featuring Dr. Saladino here and learn some of the secrets behind the chaotic walls of clutter within our own city – and sometimes our very own building.