Mirador’s Wellness Guru Dr. Lynn Saladino featured in this week’s Brick Underground

Mirador’s Sought-After Wellness Consultant, Dr. Saladino Sheds Some Much Needed Light onto How to Successfully Select Prospective Roommates

Mirador Real Estate believes in doing more than just placing people into apartments. We make sure our clients are in their best possible living situation, one that meets their unique needs and requirements. To that end, we employ a health and wellness consultant, Dr. Lynn Saladino, who is able to advise our staff and clients, helping them find ways to improve their physical and emotional well-being. An example of Lynn’s practical advice appears in this recent Brick Underground article about finding the ideal roommate in New York City.

“Be clear yourself as to what it is your looking for—do you want a friend, or just a roommate?” advises Lynn Saladino, a health and wellness consultant for Mirador Real Estate. “And if you’re reading someone else’s ad, try to get a feeling for what the person is looking for; whether they seem friendly in the ad, whether you would have written it in a similar way.” This is also a time to take note of potential communication skills, and whether they’re clear, timely, and respectful in their responses. “If the communication isn’t good at this point, it won’t be when you actually move in, either,” says Saladino.

Lynn’s expert advice continues:

“It’s also wise to float a few questions about their prior roommate experiences,” says Saladino. “Did they have a long-term roommate before, and if so, what were the circumstances of their moving out? Or are they constantly rotating through people,” she says. “It sounds cliche, but the best predictor of future behavior is previous behavior, so if you can get an idea of what has happened before, that helps.” And if they unleash a tirade about their terrible former roomie, that’s not such a great sign. (“There’s a respectful way to say ‘we didn’t get along,’ and then there are really nasty ways of doing that,” Saladino notes.)