Mirador's Angela Buglisi Daley Featured in Brick Underground on Sports Amenities

Artist Rendering of Rock Climbing Wall at  The Shephard

Artist Rendering of Rock Climbing Wall at The Shephard

With limited space, crowded courts, and pricey private facilities, it's hard for sport-loving New Yorkers to find a place to fit their needs. Luckily, Mirador Associate Broker and Luxury Market and Relocation Manager Angela Buglisi Daley gives the full rundown on sports amenities in NYC apartments.

Three of Angela's top picks for sports-lovers include One Riverside Park, Gramercy Square, and The Shephard. The buildings come complete with everything from bowling alleys to rock climbing walls, as well as standard pools and indoor basketball courts.

However, in order to have these amenities, you'll definitely have to pay to play. "The premium on purchase prices and monthlies can be anywhere from 10 to 20 percent,” Angela says. “But the premium is not attributed solely to sports facilities.”

If you're looking for spacious sports facilities, you likely won't find them in older buildings. “The add-on amenities in older buildings can nowhere near compare to the size and scale of those found in buildings built with tens of thousands of square feet set aside for fitness facilities,” Angela says.

With all of that, Angela adds there are definitely pros to living in an apartment with sports facilities. "New Yorkers live in smaller spaces compared to other cities and don’t have private outdoor spaces large enough to play sports,” she says. “Large fitness amenities provide them with an extension of their homes with enough space to indulge in sports.”

On the other side, Angela notes that “if you don’t end up using them, you’ve paid a premium for an amenity-rich condo."

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