Mirador Agent Jessica Milton Featured In Brick Underground Talking Penthouse 101

PC: Brick Underground

PC: Brick Underground

Are penthouses still as valuable as they once were? What should you actually know before making the investment?

Mirador agent Jessica Milton recently shared all there is to know about penthouses, including the pros and cons, estimated prices, and present-day allure.

One major pro that Milton shares is the convenience of no odd noises above you. “Being on the top floor in a penthouse means no more wondering what your upstairs neighbor is doing to make that noise that is keeping you up, interrupting your meditation, or killing your workflow." On the other hand, “More maintenance will be necessary,” Jessica says.

If you're thinking of making the leap, there are now many more penthouses to choose from. In fact, "Most buildings will have a penthouse,” Milton says. Read up on the rest of the must-knows on Brick Underground's site here.