Mirador Agent Asease Korankyi Explains The Basics Of NYC Starter Apartments In Brick Underground

A studio at The Vanguard Chelsea

A studio at The Vanguard Chelsea

Getting ready to buy your very first apartment can feel incredibly exciting- and stressful- all at once! You may be feeling overwhelmed, but Mirador agent Asease Korankyi breaks down everything one should consider before making the leap.

“It’s important to determine what matters most to you when looking at neighborhoods,” Asease explains. "Is it your work commute? Do your neighborhood surroundings matter most? Do you value the convenience of being close to transportation?” One neighborhood may not have it all at the start.

Same idea goes towards amenities, where some buildings offer lavish features that may not be necessary and come at an extra cost, says Asease. That includes elevators, too! She points out that a walk-up can cost up to 15% less than an elevator building, which is something to consider with a tighter budget.

Lastly, starter apartments can be a profitable investment in the long run. Once an owner outgrows their place, they can sublet instead of sell. That additional income can come in handy, which is why it’s important to note subletting policies upfront.

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