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Negotiating A Broker Fee When Selling Your Apartment

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Mirador's director of sales, Jordan March, recently discussed broker fees in Brick Underground's "Ask an Expert" segment. As it turns out, broker fees are not a fixed percentage and can change based on the situation.

"In a commission agreement, everything is negotiable," Jordan explains. "Feel free to create terms that allow you incentivize your broker, while [creating] scenarios that would allow you to maximize your net profits."

If there are two brokers involved, those being the seller's and the buyer's, there is a six percent commission that is typically split. That number can fluctuate without the presence of a buyer's broker depending on other factors, such as time and effort spent selling the property.

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The Smoke-Free Residence Movement In NYC As Told By Mirador

PC: Streeteasy / Getty Images

PC: Streeteasy / Getty Images

With Local Law 147 put in effect last August, the city has begun to see smoke-free residential buildings on the rise. Mirador’s director of sales Jordan March and agent Christine McAndrews recently shared their insight on this movement, and most importantly how it impacts the industry.

Local Law 147 requires rental buildings, co-ops, and condos to create a clear smoking policy and disclose it with current and future tenants. It is worth noting that this is not a citywide ban on smoking in residences, but more so a notice of where one can and cannot smoke.

A smoke-free policy does not usually top the list of concerns while apartment hunting, but it becomes an issue when someone has had a negative experience with secondhand smoke seeping into their home. “What happens is somebody gets burned once, and then they become savvy,” Christine explains.

This is more of an issue for buyers than renters, who can just pick up and leave. “I find that it’s easier to make a consideration for a year,” Jordan says. “Anything will be weighted more when it comes to purchasing.”

Does a strict policy affect the value of an apartment? “It’s hard to quantify a particular drop in price for homes that allow smoking, but it may affect how quickly a unit sells,” March shares. “It’s a little trickier with condos and co-ops, because people own their home or are shareholders,” Christine adds..

Another noteworthy detail is that policies do not refer to tobacco only. “Many people think pot doesn’t count,” McAndrews says. “But no smoking means no smoking anything.” This includes e-cigarettes and similar products.

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Mirador's Jordan March Featured In Brick Underground Discussing Neighborhoods Worth The Investment

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Choosing to invest in New York City may seem like a daunting task, especially when deciding which neighborhood is worthwhile. Mirador's Jordan March, Director of Sales, recently shared his expertise with Brick Underground regarding what to look out for, as well as areas of interest.

With the recent grand opening of Hudson Yards, there has certainly been a lot of allure surrounding the neighborhood. Jordan says that the area, along with Chelsea, is "heavy with better than your average apartments." With a bustling food scene and incredible new condos, he adds that "people are finding the area more accessible and more desirable whereas in the past it was synonymous with being desolate and quiet.”

Another neighborhood that Jordan mentions is Murray Hill. He believes that the area represents “better values in Manhattan,” along with being well-priced. "It’s good for first-time buyers who want to feel they are downtown.”

Of course, the timeless brownstone neighborhoods that make up parts of Brooklyn are also good investment opportunities. “There’s charm, originality and more space,” he says.

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Mirador's Nicholas Zampetis And Jordan March Featured In Real Estate Weekly's Who's News

Real Estate Weekly has featured the exciting additions of Nicholas Zampetis, Head of Client Relations, and Jordan March, Director of Sales! 

With over a decade of experience at companies such as Zillow and Douglas Elliman, Nick has developed an expertise in matching clients with the perfect agents. He will be mentoring Mirador's sales team, while Jordan will be taking Mirador through major strategic shifts. Having 12 years of sales experience under his belt, Jordan's expertise includes a vast background in coaching agents and executing marketing campaigns.

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Mirador's Jordan March Shares Expertise On Finding Apartments With Flexible Layouts In Brick Underground

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Jordan March, Director of Sales at Mirador, recently shared his expertise when it came to finding apartments with flexible layouts. Considering high housing prices, this is an especially useful hack for creating more rooms in a smaller space.

March tells Brick Underground that while some buildings can be “skittish about alterations,” prewar buildings tend to be more lenient space-wise.

It’s worth noting that creating extra space is not as simple as putting up a wall. Residents must consider window placement, for one. "If you're cutting up the space, you need light," March explains. For example, a corner unit is an ideal layout that can be flexed. A unit with multiple exposures would also ensure light in each room. He also warns of ads that suggest alternative layouts, but are sometimes misleading.

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