Melissa Trosterman

Mirador Agents Anastasia Grusha and Melissa Trosterman featured in this week’s Brick Underground!


Feeling Harried in Your Home Search? Hear from Two of Mirador’s Top Licensed Real Estate Salespeople on How to Efficiently Hit the Market in a Hurry

When time is of the essence, hunting for your next home can be stressful. Since purchasing property is a pressure inducing process in itself, it’s important to perform an efficient streamlined search while minding the strict deadlines to mitigate the sense of urgency placed on a client’s shoulders.

Luckily, there are methods that are to keep in mind when hitting the streets. Mirador agents Anastasiia Grusha and Melissa Trosterman share with Brick Underground their secrets to a stress-free and rewarding home search experience, with the desired end goal of finding your perfect residence.

Anastasiia Grusha recommends, “gravitating towards apartments that are in ‘move-in condition.’” This will ensure a more seamless moving process, and if there are amenities not attended to, clients can use them as a negotiating chip to carve out a move in ‘as-is’ date, while tending to necessary accommodations.

Mirador’s Melissa Trosterman advises home seekers to come prepared with all necessary documentation, including potential guarantors; in hard copy form to expedite the process.

So whether it’s wearing comfy shoes or having the right documents, a plan of action will aid your efforts in finding that perfect property. To read the full story and hear more adept advice from Melissa and Anastasiia click here.