Taking Privacy To The Extreme When Dealing With Wealthy, Unknown Clients

PC: UnSplash

PC: UnSplash

When it comes to finding the best real estate agent, what some clients are looking for is confidentiality. In fact, some wealthy clients take extreme measures to conceal their identity, using disguises or nondisclosure agreements. While going above and beyond is usually reserved for the famous, many times its somebody you've never heard of.

Mirador agent James Swierczewski recently shared his own experiences of dealing with the over-discreet in the Wall Street Journal. When it came to a client moving to NYC for a tech job, online security was taken to the extreme. "At first it was part of the conversation, but I realized he was trying to figure out if I had a basic grasp of security so he could trust me with his stuff.”

Once James found a few suitable rentals, the next challenge was securing the client's financial documents. James had to install completely new software simply because "[The client] hated Windows."

The rental process consequently took longer than expected, forcing James to cancel appointments. "We weren’t dealing with government secrets here. I tried to tell him that at one point, but it was lost on him.”

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