Mirador Director of Leasing Alexis Bogen on Winter Lease Negotiations


Apartment-hunting during winter season comes with some added perks for renters. 

The summer leasing season has passed, and many New Yorkers aren't considering moving anytime soon--especially with the added hassle cold weather brings to the process. However, Mirador Director of Leasing Alexis Bogen says that the of lack renters in the winter market allows those currently looking to move the ability to work with brokers free of charge. 

The winter season also means that landlords are more willing to negotiate monthly rents, says Bogen, as long as the tenant opts out of concession such as one month free rent. She says, â€œif [renters] are going to negotiate, $50 to $100 off is the general rule of thumb.” Learn more about renting in the off season by reading the full article from amNew York here.