Karla Saladino Responds to StreetEasy's New Broker Fees in DNAInfo


Since StreetEasy began charging brokers a listings fee two weeks ago, the number of listings on their site plummeted over 50%. Founded in 2005, StreetEasy has been the go-to site for New Yorkers searching for rentals. Regardless, many real estate professionals predict this new policy will affect StreetEasy's popularity since the $3 per day listings fee will discourage brokers from using the site completely. 

Mirador Real Estate's co-founder and managing partner, Karla Saladino is featured in DNAinfo sharing a more positive response to StreetEasy's new policy. "Now there’s less competition for my listings to be seen on StreetEasy," she says. However, will this policy change mean more competition for renters to get an apartment? Read more here.