Agent Spotlight: Christine McAndrews

PC: Justin Aharoni

PC: Justin Aharoni

This week’s agent spotlight is on Christine McAndrews, a former television producer who brought her personable charm, sense of humor, and love of NYC to the real estate world. Read our Q&A to learn more about one of Mirador’s hardest working, always-smiling agents.


How long have you been in NYC real estate, and how many years have you been with Mirador?

Christine with Mirador real estate agent, Eydie

Christine with Mirador real estate agent, Eydie

I became a real estate agent in 2012 and came to Mirador as a founding member when it first started in 2015.


What were your previous career paths before real estate?

I had two careers before real estate. First, I was a freelance television producer for a couple years. I did a commercial for Visa with football player, Dion Sanders. Another fun commercial I remember was Coca Cola. We had to create a Christmas scene in the middle of July! I enjoyed that a lot as well as being on the production team for Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and the Tony Awards.

I also managed an entertainment public relations firm for 10 years where I worked with many celebrity clients like Pink, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, and The Killers, to name a few.


Why real estate?

I am a hard worker and realized one day that I would rather work hard for myself than for someone else. My friend Eydie Saleh (who is now a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at Mirador) told me that I would do great in real estate. Discouraged by a general sales position at first, I realized that helping people find their right home would feel so rewarding that it’d be worth it. I was right and here I am!


What is one fun fact about yourself?

Christine performing with Batala at 2017 Women’s Rights March, NYC

Christine performing with Batala at 2017 Women’s Rights March, NYC

I play the drums in an all-female Afro-Brazilian drum band called BATALA. I’ve been playing with them for almost 2 years and it’s been crazy fun!


What are some of your side hobbies?

Christine ziplining with Mirador real estate agent, Cheriece, in Kauai, Hawaii

Christine ziplining with Mirador real estate agent, Cheriece, in Kauai, Hawaii

Besides drumming, I love playing volleyball, biking, and traveling.

Where is the favorite place you’ve traveled to?

I recently visited a small town in Mexico called San Pancho. It is an amazing surf town and I stayed in a jungle lodge. I enjoyed my time there because it gave me a chance to completely unplug, which I don’t get to do often as a busy real estate agent!


What is the funkiest food you’ve ever eaten?

One time I had a chocolate covered grasshopper at a party. Someone had brought it back from their vacation and I just had to try it! I’m glad I did because it ended up tasting delicious and felt like I was eating a chocolate Crunch bar.


What is the craziest thing that happened to you in your real estate career?

I remember one time I was doing a showing on a vacant apartment and when I opened a closet door, an air mattress fell out! Apparently, someone had been crashing there illegally.

There was also another time when I showed up to a sales appointment and there stood Liam Neeson looking to buy a home for his nephew. It was actually the second time I met him; I met him 20 years ago in Ireland so it was crazy that our paths crossed again randomly!


What is the weirdest decor you’ve seen?

It’s hard to weird me out to be honest but I did walk into a bedroom with lots and lots of mirrors.


What do you find unique about NYC real estate?

Absolutely everything about the NYC real estate market is unique. I tell my out of town clients that it really is like no other place on the planet. When people ask me “What’s the norm here?” I always tell them there is no way to nail down “norms” in NYC real estate. It’s unpredictable, but I love it.


What advice would you give new renters and buyers in NYC?

PC: Justin Aharoni

PC: Justin Aharoni

Find a good agent and stick with them! Many people jump from agent to agent but that will only stress them out more. You have to find a good agent who you truly connect with. It’s a personality game because you will be spending a lot of time with the agent so if you find one you click with, stick with that person to the end and funnel your ideas into him/her. The reality is that agents want to help you and they will help you until the end.


What is your favorite neighborhood and why?

I love Red Hook in Brooklyn. It has a certain charm to it. It feels like you are in a small town in the Big Apple. That’s what I love most about NYC - you can feel like you’re in a big city by interacting with as many people as possible or you can keep to yourself and feel as anonymous as you want.


What is your favorite building and why?

My favorite building is Tower 67. I wouldn’t be able to rent so many units in a building that I didn’t truly believe in. Everyone in that building is incredibly friendly. It is no doubt one of the warmest and friendliest building I’ve seen in NYC.


Your dream home must have ___?

Christine enjoying outdoors activities

Christine enjoying outdoors activities

A fireplace, a pool, and outdoor space.


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