Mirador’s Founder and Managing Partner Karla Saladino Featured in The Real Deal

The Upsurge of Airbnb Usage has Some Brokers Boggled – But Not Our Managing Partner Karla Saladino! Hear Her Proactive Stance on Airbnbs and What Brokers and Buyers Should be Doing

Airbnb has exploded on the rental market, even superstars like Queen B herself have utilized the service when looking for short-term rentals.  Who can forget the lavish images of the luxury Airbnb mega mansion splashed on her social media page while in town for her slay-worthy Super Bowl stint? Even oversea businessmen and techies are attracted to the allure of temporary rentals on Airbnb, as it allows them plush temporary housing for extended off-site work travel.

The recent rise of temporary rentals on Airbnb, especially in New York, makes it easy for ‘hosts’ to market their space as a temporary hotel and turn a profit, all under the radar.  In many cases this goes against building bylaws and New York State’s Multiple Dwelling Law (making it illegal to sublease for fewer than 30 days without the property owner or leaseholder present).

Our Managing Partner, Karla Saladino is not ok with this, and has recently shared her firm stance on the issue with The Real Deal.

“When it comes to rental buildings, the answer in New York is always no.  You don’t mess with it at all.  If they’re caught, the landlords are hit with tremendous fines.  If we catch people using Airbnb at the buildings we manage, we move to evict immediately.”

Karla and her colleagues at Mirador have tackled the illegal use and misuse of Airbnb head on by implementing tight screening methods to weed out would be short-term renters.  This not only prevents violations, it saves landlords hefty fines and the headache of a potential lawsuit.

Her methods have been so effective that Karla and her team were able to break up a “giant ring” of fraudsters that were illegally misusing the service.  Want to learn more about Karla’s proactive stance and the polices Mirador has put into place to protect against this issue?  Get the full scoop here.