Mirador’s Resident Appraiser and Salesperson Eydie Saleh in The Real Deal on Brooklyn Rental Trends

Brooklyn Trends


Mirador Real Estate’s Eydie Saleh makes predictions for the Brooklyn market in The Real Deal‘s October issue. The magazine’s Residential Scorecard reports that several neighborhoods have seen decreases in year-over-year median rent for the past two months. In other words, rents were lower in July 2016 than they were in July 2015, and the same was true for August. Eydie predicts landlords won’t continue to lower rents, but they will make other concessions to renters:


Mirador Real Estate broker Eydie Saleh said concessions and financial sweeteners that landlords will likely start throwing in may not be reflected in bottom-line rental prices. But she said renters should expect to be relieved from the money they burn on agents’ fees.


“There will be an increase of landlords paying my fee,” Saleh said.

The issue is now available on newsstands, but you can read the Residential Scorecard online here.