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Mirador's Eydie Saleh Featured in amNewYork on Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours

PC: Justin Sullivan

PC: Justin Sullivan

House hunters can now tour units through virtual reality. Many brokerages are allowing clients to use 3D video tours to view properties. This technology is ideal for showing units to international buyers or for showing unfinished properties. Clients can take virtual reality tours through online presentations, smartphone apps, or by wearing headgear for a full 360-degree view.

Mirador's Licensed Real Estate's Salesperson, Eydie Saleh, is featured in amNewYork commenting on the how economical the technology is. "It saves an enormous amount of money - like hundreds of thousands," she says. She encourages developers to view the virtual reality tours as a primary marketing tool instead of just a bonus tactic in real estate.

Read more of Eydie's insight on this new technology here. 

Mirador’s Resident Appraiser and Salesperson Eydie Saleh in The Real Deal on Brooklyn Rental Trends

Brooklyn Trends


Mirador Real Estate’s Eydie Saleh makes predictions for the Brooklyn market in The Real Deal‘s October issue. The magazine’s Residential Scorecard reports that several neighborhoods have seen decreases in year-over-year median rent for the past two months. In other words, rents were lower in July 2016 than they were in July 2015, and the same was true for August. Eydie predicts landlords won’t continue to lower rents, but they will make other concessions to renters:


Mirador Real Estate broker Eydie Saleh said concessions and financial sweeteners that landlords will likely start throwing in may not be reflected in bottom-line rental prices. But she said renters should expect to be relieved from the money they burn on agents’ fees.


“There will be an increase of landlords paying my fee,” Saleh said.

The issue is now available on newsstands, but you can read the Residential Scorecard online here.

Mirador Real Estate’s Eydie Saleh featured in Brick Underground

Mirador’s Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Appraiser Eydie Saleh Weighs in on Rental Qualification Process for Grad Students Looking to Live in NY

Living in one of the most populated cities in the world, it’s easy to forget that New York is also home to one of the largest student populations in the country.  While working toward that brass ring career, graduate students can face significant barriers in their search for an apartment.  The consensus among realtors is that while graduate students may find a landlord willing to work with transitional financial situations, many will be reluctant to accommodate students without a guarantor.

“It goes without saying that every landlord is different, but standard, larger management companies tend to be pretty stringent,” says Mirador Real Estate’s Eydie Saleh, but this doesn’t paint as discouraging a picture as one would expect.  There are still multiple avenues to finding a rental while you pursue your higher education so long as you’re willing to do a little extra legwork.  Eydie and others chime in on Brick Underground with a quick guide to qualifying for a rental through official and unofficial channels to help move you into a cozy study space so you can earn your higher degree with a lower degree of stress, read more here!

Mirador’s Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Appraiser Eydie Saleh featured in this week’s Brick Underground

NYC Neighborhoods Buyers Can Invest In for a Nice Nest Egg

There are two things that you can count on when it comes to NYC real estate: the market acting awry and the cost of living continuously climbing (almost as high as those new luxury residential skyscrapers shooting up all across the city).

But fear not, first-time buyers! There is still much money to be made in Manhattan, especially when it comes to investing in real estate. The key to the money making castle, is recognizing when to pounce on a deal and when to opt out.   Knowing which neighborhoods to buy into is critical when the end goal is to generate more bang for your buck.

As an expert appraiser for the past eleven years, Mirador’s Eydie Saleh knows a thing or two about profitable property purchasing. Eydie shares her wisdom with Brick Underground, weighing in on which neighborhoods first-time buyers should steer towards, when it comes to making that initial investment.

According to Eydie, “Northern Manhattan is by far one of the best investments for first-time buyers. Columbia University is well into construction of their new Medical and Graduate Education building on Haven Avenue between 171th and 172nd Streets. It’s one of the most exciting monumental new developments happening in NYC.”

Read the full article featuring Eydie in Brick Underground here, and learn more about what neighborhoods are a must and which ones are a bust, when it comes to investing your hard earned cash.

Mirador’s Eydie Saleh Featured in this Week’s Luxury Listings Magazine


That is the million-dollar question on many NYC real estate agents minds, as they continuously mull through current comps in order to properly price new property. A fete, unfortunately proven futile, given that the devised data on file is stale, and not accurately reflective of present market conditions.

This is a sentiment shared by Mirador agent and in house appraiser, Eydie Saleh, telling Luxury Listing magazine that, “in today’s market, sale prices are more than ever a moving target.”

These ‘moving targets’ have made calculating comps for residential real estate exceedingly difficult – chalk it up to buyers not signing contracts as quickly as they once were – or the cloud of uncertainty looming over the current state of the market.

Whatever the cause of this comp chaos, one thing is for sure – brokers are frustrated and finding it increasingly ineffective relying on comps to convey accurate figures for a new listings.

So, are comps in, or out? Read Luxury Listings full story featuring Eydie here and get all the details on whether or not comps are simply becoming a waste of time.

Mirador’s Eydie Saleh Warns Against Buying Sans Broker in DNAinfo

MANHATTAN — Armed with abundant data about apartment listings and open houses from websites like Streeteasy, an increasing number of house hunters — especially first-time buyers — are opting to search alone and skip brokers.

Many believe it can give them a leg up in the process, thinking the sellers’ broker might favor their bid for a higher commission or that the seller could save on the commission if only working with one broker.

Brokers, obviously, disagree, claiming those perceived advantages typically don’t pan out in reality.

For their reasons why, read more here.