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Mirador COO Melissa Noblit Reveals Some Requirements Of NYC Tenants


The things that tenants are required to provide varies all around New York City, depending on factors such as the type of building, whether there is an elevator, if it is rent stabilized, etc. Yet there are still certain things that are a must by law, and you might be surprised to learn what isn't.

Mirador C.O.O. Melissa Noblit recently gave Brick Underground the details of what some of those requirements are and are not. Legally speaking, tenants don't have to provide a refrigerator and stove, and though that case is usually rare, you should double-check your lease. “In some units, the refrigerator is very small, or the stove might be more of a cooktop or two burner as opposed to a full-size stove, so there is some latitude as to what constitutes a refrigerator or cooking device,” says Melissa. 

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Mirador's COO Melissa Noblit Featured In Brick Underground On How To Break A Lease

PC: Thrillist

PC: Thrillist

When it comes to leases, some seem to forget that it legally binds one to pay their rent, and breaking one is certainly not as easy as walking away. Mirador's Chief Operating Officer Melissa Noblit talks to Brick Underground on the misconceptions that come with breaking leases early. 

“I think people feel if they come and tell you they need to break a lease, you’ll put it on the market, get a higher rent, and they can do that without any penalty," says Melissa, who has also noticed that breaks have been increasing over time.

A misconception she has seen is that "a landlord will just take their security deposit," which is not the case.

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