Mirador’s Wellness Consultant Dr. Lynn Saladino featured in Brick Underground

Sharing Space can be Stressful. To Help Ease the Strain, Dr. Saladino Shares her Expert Tips on How to Pick the Right Roommate for You.

One of the first steps in nailing down an apartment is often finding a suitable roommate (or two).  While most of us have a repository of anecdotes about roommates who have come and gone over the years, there are always a few stories that we wouldn’t miss had they never happened.  Whether they’re eating your food or operating a few levels of spectacle above that point, holding steadfastly to some ground rules along with a healthy sense of self-awareness can help establish a congenial living environment.

Mirador Real Estate’s own wellness consultant Dr. Lynn Saladino has some handy tips for finding that balance.  “If you write a bit about the vibe of the living space you are looking for, you’ll likely attract a person who is looking for the same,” and finding someone who has similar expectations of the roommate relationship is crucial for maintaining an even keel while navigating the waters of apartment living.  A willingness to start conversations and face confrontations regarding the terms of your living situation can prevent conflict and frustration for those sharing their space with someone, be they a friend or stranger.  For more advice and even perhaps a few things that wouldn’t seem immediately obvious, head over to Brick Underground for more advice on harmonious living.