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Mirador’s Dr. Lynn Saladino Featured in Brick Underground on How to Thrive When Making an Unplanned Move in NYC

When most people move apartments they imagine something bigger and better, unfortunately that’s not always the case. Sometimes apartment moves are a result of a split with a partner, career demotion, or some other less-than-ideal reason, that represents a personal setback.

Mirador Real Estate’s Health and Wellness Consultant Dr. Lynn Saladino spoke to the Brick Underground about ways to transition to a new not-so-perfect place. She said, “a lot of times it feels like this new place will represent the lifestyle you’ll have for the rest of your life, but it’s important to remember this is a for a year or two,” says Saladino, “Put a time limit on how long it’s going to be, and realize you can revisit it next year.” To read all of Lynn’s tips, check out the full article here.

Mirador’s Dr. Lynn Saladino Featured in Brick Underground on Splitting Expenses When Moving in with a Partner Who Owns Their Own Apartment

Moving in with a partner is often an exciting time, however, when moving in with someone that owns their own apartment, the question often asked is whether or not the partner should pay towards the mortgage like they would pay for rent. While this may seem like a good idea in the beginning, if the relationship goes south, the person moving out may feel like they are entitled to some of part of the equity invested in the apartment. Many couples are looking at alternative ways to make the living expenses equal without having to pay into the other person’s mortgage. 

Mirador Real Estate’s Health and Wellness Consultant Dr. Lynn Saladino spoke to the Brick Underground, and gave her professional advice for couples looking to move in together. “….The key is finding a balance that makes sense for both of your budgets, and feels fair to everyone involved,” says, Saladino.  “Don’t assume anything…it’s really important to lay this stuff out clearly in the beginning so that it feels fair. If it bothers you in the beginning it will bother you every month when you’re paying bills.” To read more about what to discuss when moving in with a partner, and hear more from Dr. Saladino, check out the full article here.

Mirador’s Dr. Lynn Saladino Discusses Serial Mover in the Observer

New York City is a place of movers. People move to it, they move away from it, but what about the people that move all around it? The serial mover, or people that move over and over again all within the span of a few years, is a common characteristic among many New Yorkers. With rising rents, new relationships, broken relationships, expanding families, and more it is no wonder tons of people feel the need to find new homes in and around the City.

The Observer dives deeper into motives behind the serial mover, talking with Mirador Real Estate’s Health and Wellness consultant, Dr. Lynn Saladino. “New apartments often represent a fresh start,” says, Dr. Saladino. “If there is something uncomfortable happening in someone’s life, they likely think a geographic move will help them forget about what was bothering them.” To learn more about serial movers, read the full article here.

Mirador’s Wellness Guru Dr. Lynn Saladino featured in this week’s Brick Underground

Mirador’s Sought-After Wellness Consultant, Dr. Saladino Sheds Some Much Needed Light onto How to Successfully Select Prospective Roommates

Mirador Real Estate believes in doing more than just placing people into apartments. We make sure our clients are in their best possible living situation, one that meets their unique needs and requirements. To that end, we employ a health and wellness consultant, Dr. Lynn Saladino, who is able to advise our staff and clients, helping them find ways to improve their physical and emotional well-being. An example of Lynn’s practical advice appears in this recent Brick Underground article about finding the ideal roommate in New York City.

“Be clear yourself as to what it is your looking for—do you want a friend, or just a roommate?” advises Lynn Saladino, a health and wellness consultant for Mirador Real Estate. “And if you’re reading someone else’s ad, try to get a feeling for what the person is looking for; whether they seem friendly in the ad, whether you would have written it in a similar way.” This is also a time to take note of potential communication skills, and whether they’re clear, timely, and respectful in their responses. “If the communication isn’t good at this point, it won’t be when you actually move in, either,” says Saladino.

Lynn’s expert advice continues:

“It’s also wise to float a few questions about their prior roommate experiences,” says Saladino. “Did they have a long-term roommate before, and if so, what were the circumstances of their moving out? Or are they constantly rotating through people,” she says. “It sounds cliche, but the best predictor of future behavior is previous behavior, so if you can get an idea of what has happened before, that helps.” And if they unleash a tirade about their terrible former roomie, that’s not such a great sign. (“There’s a respectful way to say ‘we didn’t get along,’ and then there are really nasty ways of doing that,” Saladino notes.)

Mirador’s Wellness Consultant Dr. Lynn Saladino featured in Brick Underground

Sharing Space can be Stressful. To Help Ease the Strain, Dr. Saladino Shares her Expert Tips on How to Pick the Right Roommate for You.

One of the first steps in nailing down an apartment is often finding a suitable roommate (or two).  While most of us have a repository of anecdotes about roommates who have come and gone over the years, there are always a few stories that we wouldn’t miss had they never happened.  Whether they’re eating your food or operating a few levels of spectacle above that point, holding steadfastly to some ground rules along with a healthy sense of self-awareness can help establish a congenial living environment.

Mirador Real Estate’s own wellness consultant Dr. Lynn Saladino has some handy tips for finding that balance.  “If you write a bit about the vibe of the living space you are looking for, you’ll likely attract a person who is looking for the same,” and finding someone who has similar expectations of the roommate relationship is crucial for maintaining an even keel while navigating the waters of apartment living.  A willingness to start conversations and face confrontations regarding the terms of your living situation can prevent conflict and frustration for those sharing their space with someone, be they a friend or stranger.  For more advice and even perhaps a few things that wouldn’t seem immediately obvious, head over to Brick Underground for more advice on harmonious living.

Mirador’s Wellness Expert Dr. Lynn Saladino Featured in Brick Underground


We can all relate to the Carrie Bradshaw’s of NYC – you know, using your stove to store your Stuart Weitzman’s and spare sweaters– I mean, totally normal, right? It’s all about that extra closet space – and sometimes you just got to get creative, as the luxury of walk in closets or even better, glam rooms are far and few between. And there’s always seamless.

But, there’s a big difference between storing stuff in an otherwise underutilized space and just plain, hoarding. Hoarding is a topic that continues to captivate the attention – and for those unlucky few who dwell in the vicinity of a hoarder, the stench – of many New Yorker’s.

Mirador’s in house wellness expert, Dr. Lynn Saladino weighs in on the lure of hoarding in a recent Brick Underground article. “There is definitely a huge fascination with it.   It’s such a visual representation that something is going on with a person.”

Remember the media frenzy that flocked around infamous hoarders Homer and Langley Collyer nearly 7 decades ago? Amazingly enough, there are still so many hoarders habituating in this city today and the interest in them, is just has high as it was all those years ago. Crazy to think that hoarders would choose Manhattan, of all places, to collect their clutter, considering the standard size of most NYC apartments – but they tend to live in larger, rent-stabilized units, for this reason.

Dr. Saladino delves deeper into the hoarding issue, giving insightful information about the patterns and misconceived perceptions people might have on hoarders. Read the full article featuring Dr. Saladino here and learn some of the secrets behind the chaotic walls of clutter within our own city – and sometimes our very own building.

Mirador’s Dr. Lynn Saladino/Press/What to do When Hiding a Cat from Your Landlord


We often receive emails from readers asking for help in navigating their own real estate crises. In Realty Bites, we try to get them answers.


“My landlord and lease specifically say no pets, but I’ve had a cat for the past 8 months, and no one has noticed or complained. I’m up for renewal this winter, however, and they’ll likely want to inspect when I re-sign. Should I re-sign and hide the cat; try to negotiate since it’s been here without causing problems; or stop pushing my luck and find a new place?”

Read the full article here.

Mirador quoted in Brick Underground: How to keep Real Estate from Ruining Your Love Life.


Mirador’s Health and Wellness Consultant and Clinical Psychologist Dr. Lynn Saladino shares her knowledge on how to keep a thriving relationship while battling NYC’s real estate blunders, for the article: How to keep real estate from ruining your love life: a psychologist advises By, Virginia K. Smith for BrickUnderground.

Check out Lynn’s amazing advice here!

Mirador’s Health and Wellness Consultant Lynn Saladino Featured in BrickUnderground on Breakups When Sharing an Apartment

Lynn Saladino, Mirador’s Health and Wellness Consultant lends her expertise in this BrickUnderground article: You shacked up, and now you broke up. Here’s how to stay sane By, Virginia K. Smith.

Breaking up is hard to do, and even harder when you share a space with that person. Lynn shares her advice on how to stay calm and make the right decisions during this rough time.

Mirador’s Health & Wellness Consultant Lynn Saladino Featured in BrickUnderground on Handling Terrible Roomates

Mirador’s Health and Wellness Consultant, Dr. Lynn Saladino is featured in todays article: Two Shrinks Share Advice on Handling Terrible Roommates (And Sending Angry Texts Isn’t One Of Them) By Virginia K. Smith.

This is something a large majority of NYC residents have experienced in the past or are experiencing right this moment. Lynn has all the tricks of the trade when it comes to handling this situation smoothly. Check out her advice!

Mirador Real Estate Announces Hire of Clinical Psychologist as Agent Wellness Consultant.

New York (June 9, 2015) Mirador Real Estate, a full-service residential brokerage focusing on owner and developer rep in Manhattan, announces today it has hired Dr. Lynn Saladino,  a clinical psychologist and wellness coach, as a consultant, to enhance agents’ health, happiness and success.

As a clinical psychologist based in both New York City and Boston, Saladino specializes in wellness and relationships using a practical approach to improve Mirador agents’ physical and emotional well being.

Saladino comes to Mirador with over five years of experience in holistic counseling and coaching services and a holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in health and wellness from Nova Southeastern University.

“Over the past decade I’ve learned that real estate agents tend to fall into a pattern of working 24/7 and sacrifice critical balance in their lives.  Part of my vision for Mirador agents was to invest in methods to offset this,” explains Karla Saladino, co-founder, Mirador Real Esate.  “Dr. Saladino (who happens to be my sister) is an expert at working with organizations of all types to reintroduce the importance of fitness, meditation, nutrition, artistic passions, and strengthening relationships outside of the work environment, as well as building confidence in the work realm. It’s a unique value-add to have someone with her mental health background on our staff.  I’ve never seen it implemented in a firm up to now, and the feedback so far has been extraordinary.”

“Working with the Mirador has been amazing. The agents have many unique challenges working in a commission-based business with life balance being one of the greatest,” says Lynn Saladino, PsyD . “After hearing about Mirador’s desire to build a culture where agents work from their strengths and encourage healthy lifestyles, the choice to join their team was a natural one.”

Because moving is one of life’s biggest stressors Dr. Saladino also offers services to New Yorkers who are moving and people relocating to New York.