Karla Saladino Discusses Renters Turning Their Sights Towards Long Island City


As transit options are changing and new developments are popping up across the NYC, many renters are making the move to Long Island City. Compared to Manhattan, the Queens neighborhood has lower overall pricing, features new luxury high-rises with more new wave amenities, and has access to less traditional transportation, including City Bike and the MTA ferry. 

Mirador Real Estate's Managing Partner, Karla Saladino says, "developers in areas such as Murray Hill and Kips Bay, for instance, must now contend with their lower-priced neighbors across the East River in Long Island City. For the first time ever, most would-be renters are looking at both neighborhoods." Read more about what Karla has to say in the full DNAInfo article here

Mirador in the Daily News on Sugar Daddy’s and Their Real Estate Needs

We have a small division of agents that specialize in this segment of the market.  A fun article published today featuring two of our agents in the Daily News taking a peek into the lives of the #sugardaddy and their #sugarbabies

IS HE CHEATING? Real estate agents – not Ashley Madison – know who’s straying and who’s not in NYC

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