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Mirador Broker Neeta Mulgaokar Gives FitSmallBusiness Insight On Winter Market Trends

PC: Shutterstock

PC: Shutterstock

Mirador's Neeta Mulgaokar, broker and head of the strategic partnership division, recently gave FitSmallBusiness her insight on real estate market trends for this winter. 

Neeta shares that rates for luxury rentals remain strong as ever. As a result, "...Renters are demanding additional concessions beyond promotions being offered as we are in a standard seasonal downturn." While gross prices remain unchanged, these increased incentives end up affecting the net price. 

"New York is still a highly coveted and desirable marketplace," she says. As far as trends go, that is one thing that always remains the same.

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Mirador Broker Neeta Mulgaokar Gives Insight On Summer Market Trends

PC: Curbed

PC: Curbed

FitSmallBusiness recently compiled a list of insight from leading experts in NYC real estate. It is no surprise that they included Mirador broker Neeta Mulgaokar, who has a deep understanding of the market and offered quite a bit of insight into summer trends.

"Amenities and perks have become tremendously important in getting extra dollars per square foot on a rental unit. Amenity-rich buildings are faring well against lower priced competitors without amenities because of the additional amenity space and oftentimes events that accompany these products. Tenant events and perks drive tenant retention as neighbors can become friends and tenants begin to rely on a certain level of service which influences their decision whether to stay put."

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Mirador Broker Neeta Mulgaokar Featured In New York Post On Lavish Amenities

INSTRATA Gramercy, one of the Mirador buildings offering exclusive perks.

INSTRATA Gramercy, one of the Mirador buildings offering exclusive perks.

New York City may seem big, but if you've ever chased down a presale or groupon for some kind of fun and unique event, it's as if somehow the entire city had the same idea. Being one of the first to get your hands on exclusive deals is hard to come by,  unless the deals are coming to you.

A select few residencies are now offering over-the-top amenities for tenants, most of them not even requiring one to leave their building! Ranging from speakeasies and dry bars to farm dining, these exclusive perks ensure that residents avoid crowds, lines, and wait times.

Mirador broker Neeta Mulgaokar has partaken in the behind-the-scenes of extravagant perks. Tenants from the firm's two developments, INSTRATA Nomad and Gramercy, relished in an unreal shopping experience that Neeta assisted in setting up. For two hours only, residents of these buildings took advantage of their exclusive opportunity to shop at BCBG's Fifth Ave location, while closed to the public.

Residents, "...could take advantage of a little extra elbow room as well as special discounts," says Neeta on this exciting perk.

To read about other amenities, read the full New York Post article here.

Mirador Associate Broker Neeta Mulgaokar Featured in New York Times on Rent-Stabalized Apartments

PC: New York Times

PC: New York Times

Some New Yorkers see it as impossible, but finding a rent-stabilized apartment in the city just takes a little bit of work, according to Mirador Associate Broker Neeta Mulgaokar.

"Talk to doormen, longtime neighborhood residents, and friends and co-workers who live in rent-stabilized apartments. Contact their landlords and follow up with them regularly," Neeta says.

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Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar Featured in Brick Underground on Buying a Home with a Tenant in Place


Brick Underground’s Buy Curious column recently turned to Neeta Mulgaokar, an Associate Broker for Mirador Real Estate, for her expertise on buying property. The column weighed the pros and cons of the question, “Should you buy a home with a tenant in place?” As Neeta explains, the answer depends on a number of factors regarding the apartment, the tenant, and the purchaser. Here, she explains the potential advantages of saying “Yes”:

“If the property is an investment, a tenant in place could be fantastic,” says Mulgaokar. That obviously depends on “what terms the tenant has agreed to and whether the tenant has a history of being a quality tenant,” she says, explaining that “quality is objective and depends upon whether the tenant has historically paid rent on time, followed the building’s rules, and/or maintains the condition of the apartment.”

Furthermore, Mulgaokar says that “an investor should analyze whether these criteria are being met in addition to whether the tenant is paying market rent. If the rent is under market but the quality of the renter is high, the investor should make a cost-benefit judgement call as to what is most important in the long run.”

For more advice on purchasing homes with existing tenants, read the rest of the article here.

Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar Featured in Observer on How Ride Share Apps are Changing Real Estate in NYC

Being on a subway line was once the top priority for those searching for housing in NYC, however, as rideshare apps are becoming more popular, many resident’s apartment preferences are shifting. People are giving up the convenience of being near public transportation in exchange for larger, less expensive apartments thanks to the convenience and low-cost of using ride sharing apps like Uber, Lyft, and more.  

The Observer spoke to Mirador Real Estate Agent, Neeta Mulgaokar, about the new ways New Yorkers are moving around the city, “Ride apps are tying historically far-flung New York neighborhood more tightly to the city’s core and leading some customers to give them a harder look,” she says. “They’ve changed what the word ‘central’ means.” To read more about what Neeta has to say, check out the full article here.

Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar featured in The Real Deal: Shifting Power in NYC Real Estate Market


With apartment and condos on the rise, and buyers and renters in New York City in decline, more and more developers and landlords are offering incentives to prospective clients. This is flipping the real estate market in rare favor of the buyers/renters. 

Certain factors are playing key points in the market shift including surging supply, an absorption slowdown, incentives influx, price reduction, and the pursual of brokers. The Real Deal spoke to Mirador Real Estate Agent Neeta Mulgaokar about buyer/renter incentives saying, “the incentives are making and breaking deals when people are comparing apples to apples.” For more information on the factors influencing the changing real estate market in New York City, read the full article here.

Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar featured in this week’s Brick Underground!

Free Rent Incentives – Fact or Fiction? Mulgaokar Weighs in on Why Comprehension is Critical When it comes to Concessions

Free rent is as enticing a proposition as retailers offering free designer duds Due to the alluring appeal of receiving something of high value for free, both elicit a comparable call to action.   Whether it’s scooping up an apartment for a comped month’s rent, or free apparel flying off the rack, the end result is the same; the inventory is occupied or sold.

But, as the saying goes; if it’s to good to be true, it probably is.  The truth of the matter is, this “free rent” concept that flooded NYC rental listings in February shouldn’t be taken at face value.  While it may offer some short-term benefits, the bottom line is renters need to read the fine print and be aware of their long-term goals and end results when leaving a lease.

Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar elaborates more on the nebulous meaning behind the bold statement of “free rent” when speaking with Brick Underground.  In the article Neeta articulates the pros and cons for this particular concession; and which clients can receive serious savings (short-term renters) and who should steer clear (long-term renters).

“For long term renters, [a free month] may not be the golden goose. You could be putting yourself in a precarious position,” Neeta shares. “I’m totally for incentives for some people, and totally against it for others.”

The same goes for “non-broker” fee bargains.  It’s common to see banners draped over buildings flaunting this no-broker fee policy attached to renting at this particular property.  But as Neeta explains, this is not really the case, as she explains “there is no such thing as a no broker fee.”

To avoid setting yourself up for future headaches, get the full scope of what really lays behind landlord and leaseholder incentives, by reading the full article featuring Neeta here.

Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar featured on CNBC’s Power Lunch!

Yesterday’s CNBC Power Hour featured Mirador’s own Neeta Mulgaokar discussing the impact of illegal Airbnb activity on New York’s landlords. Check out the segment and accompanying article on the CNBC website or watch the video at the link below:

Mirador in the Daily News on Sugar Daddy’s and Their Real Estate Needs

We have a small division of agents that specialize in this segment of the market.  A fun article published today featuring two of our agents in the Daily News taking a peek into the lives of the #sugardaddy and their #sugarbabies

IS HE CHEATING? Real estate agents – not Ashley Madison – know who’s straying and who’s not in NYC

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The Studio Stigma: Neeta Mulgaokar of Mirador in the Observer

Illustration: Fred Harper

Illustration: Fred Harper

Studio apartments…For some people, they are the perfect fit. For others, it’s enough to fit their shoe collection. So what’s the hype? Neeta Mulgaokar our talented Associate Broker lets us all know, sometimes a studio is where it’s at. Check it out here! The Studio Stigmaby Sharon Boone of the Observer.