NYC Developments with Hidden Perks

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Most buildings in New York City loudly advertise the amenities they offer potential residents, all the better to win their attention. Whether its a garden, an exercise room, a pool, or rooftop access, it's usually there in the listing. A few buildings, however, offer perks they don't announce to the public, keeping them secret in order to bring their residents closer together. Brick Underground took a look at these hidden amenities, compiling a list by asking top brokers for the best ones they knew.

One featured broker was Mirador Real Estate's Racquel Popovic, who shared 15 Cliff Street's "Wine Down Wednesdays," a weekly event for residents to unwind by sipping wine and eating chocolate from a bar cart in the lobby. Other buildings listed by Mirador Real Estate were highlighted in the article, including 60 West 23rd Street, which offers "roof deck barbecues and Sunday brunches." Find all the hidden amenities here

Mirador Featured in DNAinfo about New York Becoming Dog Friend

Apartment hunting in New York can be difficult for dog owners. Many buildings have restrictions on the number and kind of dogs they’ll allow residents to have, and the facilities are rarely accommodating for pooches. Small elevators and bathrooms often mean renters can’t keep large dogs, or more than one, in their homes.

There’s good news for dog lovers, many  buildings across the city are specifically targeting pet owners by lessening restrictions, lowering fees, and offering more space and facilities. As DNAinfo reports, “With the current rental glut, especially in the high-end of the market where prices are slipping and concessions are rising, dog-friendly policies are the latest incentive to lure tenants, experts say.”

One of the experts featured in the article is Mirador Real Estate’s Managing Partner, Karla Saladino. Karla tells DNAinfo, “It used to be maybe one dog was allowed in, and ‘We’re going to weigh it, interview it and analyze it.’ Even a year ago, it was very hard to find something if you had a 40-pound dog or a Lab retriever. It was like, ‘What three buildings can we visit?’ Now it’s 10 buildings.”

The website also spoke with Anna Sankova, an agent for Mirador Real Estate, who relates an anecdote about finding a home in New York for a couple from Boston and their two mini Australian Labradoodles. “We found them an apartment within one weekend while they were visiting,” Anna says. “More landlords, especially in condos, were willing to take two dogs, which was surprising to me. It was not the case before.”

Read the entire article – and see a picture of those adorable Labradoodles – here.

Mirador Featured in CityBizList for Hiring New Leasing Manager and Agents


Mirador Real Estate is excited to announce the recent hiring of Christine DeFrancesco Henriquez as the new Leasing Manager for Midtown East. Christine will oversee the Midtown and Upper East Side territory, she comes to Mirador with 15 years of real estate experience.

Additionally, the firm is pleased to announce two new agent hires, Rafal Zbrzezny, an agent with nine years of real estate experience, and Kireolos ‘Kiro’ Zakhary, who, following 14 years of experience in hospitality, joins Mirador from Platinum Properties. Read more about Mirador’s new team members here.

Mirador’s Neeta Mulgaokar featured in The Real Deal: Shifting Power in NYC Real Estate Market


With apartment and condos on the rise, and buyers and renters in New York City in decline, more and more developers and landlords are offering incentives to prospective clients. This is flipping the real estate market in rare favor of the buyers/renters. 

Certain factors are playing key points in the market shift including surging supply, an absorption slowdown, incentives influx, price reduction, and the pursual of brokers. The Real Deal spoke to Mirador Real Estate Agent Neeta Mulgaokar about buyer/renter incentives saying, “the incentives are making and breaking deals when people are comparing apples to apples.” For more information on the factors influencing the changing real estate market in New York City, read the full article here.

Mirador Real Estate Announces the Opening of its Newest Office

Mirador Real Estate is proud to announce the opening of our newest office location, the fifth since our first opened just three years ago. The new office is located at 16 East 12th Street in Manhattan and will specialize in sales. Its 1900 sq. ft. bi-level space was gut renovated and completely re-imagined by our in-house interior designer, Logan Yost, who created an open, energetic, and vibrant forum that includes a lounge area and wet bar.

Karla Saladino, co-founder of Mirador Real Estate, explains, “Because we had a demand for more seller side representation, we decided to roll out an environment where we can cater to our sellers and buyers. We had explosive growth these last two years, but I held back on taking on many larger sale side rep projects until we were ready. We are now excited about going full-steam ahead in the sales arena.”

Read the full-length announcement at citybizlist.

News of Mirador’s New Office Space Featured in Citybizlist

It’s Official – We’re Expanding! We are Excited to Announce Our 4th Mirador Office Location on the Upper West Side

Spotted: Booming full-service residential brokerage opening its office doors on the 17th floor of prime high-rise building, Tower 67.

Due to our exclusive listing with the luxurious Tower 67 (located at 145 West 67th St.), it only seemed fitting to set up shop here.  The 800 square foot state of the art space boasts outdoor spaces and beautiful views.  Poised as the perfect outpost for our fourth office location, it provides quick and efficient access to better serve our Upper West Side clients.

Our Associate Broker Revin Kittles, a 15-year real estate industry veteran, will lead the new office.  We will house around 10 agents at this location.

Business is booming in this prestigious area making acquisition of this additional office space a natural necessity.

Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Mirador, Karla Saladino explains to Citybizlist that “because our business on the Upper West Side, Washington Heights and Inwood has been increasing exponentially, we felt the need to open an outpost to best serve that area’s clientele.”

As our business continues to grow so does our roster of agents (currently at 30 and counting), ensuring that we continue to provide personalized and professional services expected by our clientele.  Along with our new Tower 67 office, we have three other locations at 60 West 23rd St., 100 East 13th St., and 330 East 39th St.

Read more about the unique business model and record-breaking deals that led to our 4th office expansion, here.