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Mirador Real Estate And Broker Tim Serignese Featured In Mann Report Residential

Inside look at a 49 Prince Street apartment.

Inside look at a 49 Prince Street apartment.

Mirador Real Estate and broker Tim Serignese were featured in Mann Report Residential's November / December 2018 issue announcing the 49 Prince Street project in Nolita. The feature covered renovation plans, building amenities, and leasing details to name a few. 

"I've known Tim a long time and I'm excited to have a condominium new development veteran leading the way on this project," says project manager Nicholas Pagano. 

Find the full feature on Mann Report Residential's website here.

Mirador Real Estate And Broker Tim Serignese Featured In CityRealty Highlighting Nolita Redevelopment

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It has recently been announced that Mirador Real Estate will be handling the leasing and marketing of 49 Prince Street, a redevelopment in Nolita. Leasing has officially begun with current one and two bedroom homes, while renovations are ongoing in other layouts.

The higher units will be released over the next four months, including some modern touch ups in other areas of the building.

Read the full feature in CityRealty here.

Mirador Real Estate's Justin Graniero on Brooklyn's Midwood


Brick Underground's Buy Curious series asks experts about the ins and outs of purchasing property in New York City. The most recent entry turned to Mirador Real Estate's Justin Graniero for his opinion on the prospects of buying a place in Brooklyn's Midwood neighborhood. Justin says the neighborhood is quiet now, but is about to become much more popular due to new developments.

Midwood “isn’t as popular as other neighborhoods in Brooklyn, so it doesn’t get nearly as much attention,” Graniero says. But he believes that is about to change. New condos and retailers have been popping up in the area, he says, which is often a direct precursor to a neighborhood getting more attention.

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NYC Developments with Hidden Perks

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Most buildings in New York City loudly advertise the amenities they offer potential residents, all the better to win their attention. Whether its a garden, an exercise room, a pool, or rooftop access, it's usually there in the listing. A few buildings, however, offer perks they don't announce to the public, keeping them secret in order to bring their residents closer together. Brick Underground took a look at these hidden amenities, compiling a list by asking top brokers for the best ones they knew.

One featured broker was Mirador Real Estate's Racquel Popovic, who shared 15 Cliff Street's "Wine Down Wednesdays," a weekly event for residents to unwind by sipping wine and eating chocolate from a bar cart in the lobby. Other buildings listed by Mirador Real Estate were highlighted in the article, including 60 West 23rd Street, which offers "roof deck barbecues and Sunday brunches." Find all the hidden amenities here

Mirador Real Estate Participates in Agent Safety Month


Meeting and being alone with strangers is central to working as a real estate agent. While threats and attacks against realtors are unusual, they do happen. NAR’s most recent survey, which included more than 3,200 agents, found that while just 4 percent of agents reported actually being the victims of a crime, 38 percent of respondents said they felt unsafe in the last year. While safety is a concern for both sexes, it’s something female agents need to especially consider. While just 25 percent of male agents in the NAR survey reported feeling unsafe, 44 percent of female agents reported feeling unsafe.

In order to help ensure the safety of real estate agents The National Association of Realtors has stepped up its efforts on safety awareness. It named September agent safety month and is working to gather solid data on the types of dangers that brokers face. Mirador is participating in agent safety month to ensure safety during showings by continuing to provide safety training courses to all agents.

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