Edward Henwood

Mirador's Edward Henwood Featured In NYT’s HUNT On Stretching Budgets

PC: New York Times

PC: New York Times

Many would be surprised to know that stretching your budget ever so slightly when looking for a home could make a huge difference. Mirador agent Edward 'Ted' Henwood was featured in the New York Time's HUNT column telling of one of his many experiences with a potential buyer who did just that and wound up with a perfect home.

“With students and out-of-town parents, you have to quickly enlighten them about the challenges of the New York rental market,” Mr. Henwood said. “You can certainly find a place, but the places that are a good deal — meaning you want to live there and the price is right — disappear quickly.”

He continues that stretching your budget just a bit can be absolutely "worth the reach." Read the full article in the New York Times here.

Mirador New Hires Featured in August Issue of Mann Report

Mirador is excited to welcome six new hires to our management and sales team. Angela Buglisi and Alexis Bogen will take on management roles as luxury market manager and director of leasing, respectively. Edward Henwood, Nicole Neuman, Kunal Khemlani, and Sofiia Marmuta join our sales team as licensed agents. Read more about our new hires here.