Mirador's Jordan March Featured In Brick Underground Discussing Neighborhoods Worth The Investment

PC: iStock

PC: iStock

Choosing to invest in New York City may seem like a daunting task, especially when deciding which neighborhood is worthwhile. Mirador's Jordan March, Director of Sales, recently shared his expertise with Brick Underground regarding what to look out for, as well as areas of interest.

With the recent grand opening of Hudson Yards, there has certainly been a lot of allure surrounding the neighborhood. Jordan says that the area, along with Chelsea, is "heavy with better than your average apartments." With a bustling food scene and incredible new condos, he adds that "people are finding the area more accessible and more desirable whereas in the past it was synonymous with being desolate and quiet.”

Another neighborhood that Jordan mentions is Murray Hill. He believes that the area represents “better values in Manhattan,” along with being well-priced. "It’s good for first-time buyers who want to feel they are downtown.”

Of course, the timeless brownstone neighborhoods that make up parts of Brooklyn are also good investment opportunities. “There’s charm, originality and more space,” he says.

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